Clean The Beach Boot Camp

A Beach Clean UP LIke NO Other

Thailand is a paradise for many and the Island of Phuket is one of the countries main tourist destinations. But with the ever-increasing tourism industry, the island has been suffering from Plastic Pollution. The main culprit is Thailands love for Single-Use Plastic, Its almost embedded in their culture. But it’s actually not only a Thailand issue, single-use plastic is also a huge problem across all of south-east Asia.

Did you know 90% of all Plastic Pollution the end up in the ocean comes from just 10 rivers? 8 of which are in Asia.

The founder of Blue World Safaris, Mike Fallows is a firm believer in saying no to plastic and giving back to the community you thrive in. He is a proud sponsor of Phuket’s biggest beach clean up project Clean The Beach Boot Camp. The movement was founded by Phuket Personal Trainer Krix Luther in early 2012. It has soon spread across Thailand and other countries. The concept was simple, Krix would give a free workout on the beach (beach boot camp) followed by a beach clean up cleaning the beach and exercising at the same time. Making the Planet and its People, fit and healthy.

The event takes place every 2 weeks on a Saturday if you are interested in helping them cleaning the beach or having a free workout. Then visit their website at

Blue World Safaris sponsored Clean The Beach Boot Camp in celebrating their 1st and 3rd year anniversary, by taking the Beach Cleaning Team reinforced by 60 Phuket ex-pats on a tour to Phi Phi island to Clean a Beach there. Check out the video below done by The Thaiger.

Check out this video of Blue World Safaris teaming up with Clean The Beach Boot Camp Cleaning Rachai Noi Beach!

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